Mental Health Act reform – draft legislation now announced.

Mental Health Act reform – draft legislation now

In the Queen’s Speech, it was announced that draft legislation would be brought forward to reform the Mental Health Act in England and Wales.
The purpose of the draft Bill is to:
Ensure patients suffering from mental health conditions have greater control over their treatment and receive the dignity and respect they deserve.
Make it easier for people with learning disabilities and    autism to be discharged from hospital. Read

Sturgeon accused of ducking and diving over care home COVID discharges.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has come under fire for “ducking and diving” over the issue of discharges into care homes during COVID.

In a meeting of the Parliament she was challenged to accept the High Court in England ruling that the policy of discharging    positive & untested Covid patients into care homes was “unlawful”, unreasonable and “irrational”. Read


HC-One has apologised after a resident living with dementia was left stuck in a cupboard

The incident took place at HC-One’s Tower Bridge Care Home in Southwark in March 2021.

Police were called to the home more than two hours after the resident went missing. The woman was taken to hospital where she received treatment for dehydration and bruising to her head.

HC-One apologised to the resident’s daughter following the incident and admitted she should have been informed earlier that her mother had gone missing.

Southwark Council was ordered to pay a £1,300 fine.

The care provider said it appeared that a care worker had left a store room cupboard unlocked.  Read

Man unlawfully deprived of liberty gets £355,000   payout from council who put him there.

Authority admits it “clearly didn’t get everything right” and    apologises to man, whose lawyers said he was unlawfully placed in a care home for seven years.

Lawyers for the man, who is autistic & has learning
disabilities, said Lancashire council admitted breaching his human rights and had agreed a £200,000 settlement & a      payment of £155,000 for a deputy to manage his property & affairs on his behalf. This has been approved by the High Court.
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Government confirms it won’t appeal COVID care home ruling.

Government confirms it won’t appeal COVID care home ruling.

The Government has decided not to appeal a High Court
decision which found that the policy of discharging patients from hospitals to care homes at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was unlawful.

Former health secretary Matt Hancock Public Health
England (PHE
) were taken to court by two women who argued that patients with the coronavirus were discharged from
hospitals back to care homes without testing. Read

Care Home not providing records of how it spent residents money

Ombudsman criticises care home for not providing records of how it spent resident’s money.

The warning comes after Hamilton Care Ltd failed to provide a solicitor with     relevant financial records for his client.

The solicitor had been appointed to act for the woman by the court as the  woman’s dementia meant she was not able to look after her finances herself.


Care home fined £46k+ after woman dies in fire 2019.

The court heard Elder Healthcare was not to blame for the woman’s death in a sheltered flat connected to the care home in Douglas in November 2019. However, “shortcomings” were found in fire safety training and  procedures. Since its fire safety training has been updated.

An electrical fault caused a blaze at the woman’s home which connected to Elder Grange care home.

Smoke & heat detectors were linked to the nurse call centre at the home which is required to give emergency assistance to the residence in sheltered. Detector was switched off.
The hearing was told that a smoke detector had triggered the call system, but staff could not work out which flat the alarm related to due to problems with the documentation & contact lists. The lady died in hospital.
Elder Healthcare was fined £46,000 & to pay a further £4,000 in prosecution costs and  that the firm needed to be aware
“this must never happen again”.  Details